Theme Features

  • Built in Mega Menu
  • Custom components in customizer
  • Custom info tabs on products
  • Pre-built editable html templates for homepage components


Built-in Mega Menu

Easily build a mega menu for your product categories without a 3rd party app or extra cost.

Mega Menu Example


Custom components in homepage builder

Easily add extra content to your homepage like different sized buttons, faqs, and call to action areas.


  1. Button Primary
  2. Section Heading




Custom info tabs on products

Need more content on your product pages without extending the length of the page? use the built-in tab sections!



Editable HTML templates for homepage components

Simply edit these and add them to your site via the Theme Customizer v2 we are working on an easy way to implement as custom blocks like the pre-existing button blocks and more.

  1. FAQs
  2. Wide Cards